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Individual donations are very important in our fight to save the critically endangered Sumatran Rhino of Borneo. We have estimated the cost of protecting the Sumatran rhinoceros in Sabah at over RM1,000,000 annually. Every contribution helps us toward our goal of conservation: protecting and propagating the species.

The Sumatran rhino of Borneo is a largely unknown species, unsupported by major wildlife organizations. That is why your donation is so important.

Adopt a Rhino

By adopting any one of the 300 rhinos still in existence, you're buying them time and hope for a future.

Donate RM685

Protect a Rhino

Help to purchase equipment and supplies for our Rhino Protection and Survey Unit staff who patrol the forest and protect the Sumatran rhino in Sabah.

Adopt a ranger: RM170
Equipment:  RM85
Supplies:  RM85
Uniforms: RM85
Boots: RM85

Contribute toward a new vehicle or for maintenance, tires, and petrol for our existing vehicles

New vehicle: RM345
Maintenance: RM170
Tires: RM170
Petrol: RM85


Please make checks or money orders payable to SOS RHINO BORNEO BHD and send to: SOS Rhino Borneo Bhd Lot 15, Block B, 2nd Floor, Visa Light Industrial Center, Mile 5-1/2, Tuaran Road 88856 Inanam Sabah, Malaysia
Tel : 60 88 388 405

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