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Conservation organizations
African Wildlife and Conservation Resources
A comprehensive resource on African wildlife, its environment and conservation

American Association of Zoo Keepers

American Zoo and Aquarium Association (AZA)

Make a difference by following the links to write, fax, email and otherwise lobby lawmakers and antagonists; join boycotts of errant companies and harmful or wasteful products and practices; petition; spread the word to family, friends and the wider public; vote on green issues. You will make a difference.

Conservation Breeding Specialist Group (CBSG): An international conservation organization of scientists trying to prevent the extinction of endangered species.

Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA): Founded in 1984, the EIA is an independent, non-profit, non-violent organization based in the U.K. and is known for being "animal detectives" of illegal trade.

ISIS: The International Species Information System collects data on 250,000 zoological specimens of 6,000 species and maintains about 750,000 historical records.

IUCN: Founded in 1948, the World Conservation Union brings together states, government agencies and a diverse range of non-governmental organisations in a unique world partnership: over 800 members in all, spread across some 125 countries.

Mkomazi Project
A 2-million-acre wildlife reserv in Northern Tanzania fundeed through the Tony Fitzjohn/George Adamson AFrican Wildlife Preservation Trust.

Rhinoark: Rhinoark's mission is to raise such funds and material support as are required for the building of an electrified fence to encircle both the Aberdares National Park and the demarcated forested areas which make up the Aberdares Conservation Area. By doing so rhinoark seeks to protect the interests of the black rhino, preserve the valuable eco-system of The Aberdares Mountain Range, conserve the resources of one of Kenya's most important indigenous forests and resolve the conflicts that exist between humans and wildlife that co-habit the area.

Species Survival Commission (SSC): A branch of the IUCN (see above), the SSC works primarily through its 110 Specialist Groups, most of which represent particular plant or animal groups that are threatened with extinction, or are of special importance to human welfare.

TRAFFIC: IUCN founded TRAFFIC in 1976 to monitor trade in wild plants and animals and to help implement the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES). TRAFFIC today is a joint venture and conservation programme of IUCN and

Wild Asia
Wild Asia is your independent guide to Asian nature and travel. Founder Reza Azmi is a Malaysian naturalist and professional botanist. Reza has worked on a number of conservation projects in Borneo and Peninsular Malaysia and continues to be active in conservation work.

The World Conservation Monitoring Centre

World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF)

World Wildlife Fund (WWF): This link takes you to their rhino page.

Conservation organizations concerned with rhinos

Rhino Foundation, The Netherlands
The only rhino foundation in the Netherlands. The Rhino Foundation supports big game parks in Swaziland, by raising money to fund projects.

Black Rhino Foundation (BRF): A non-profit organization based in Chicago, Illinois, BRF builds awareness of the plight of the rhinoceros through concerts, corporate development, cookies, and more!

International Rhino Foundation (IRF): International Rhino Foundation is a non-profit corporation of institutions and individuals worldwide dedicated to the conservation of the five species of rhinoceros: White, Black, Javan, Sumatran and Indian.

Rhino Resource Center: The Rhino Resource Center is dedicated to the dissemination of knowledge on the five endangered species of rhinoceros.

Born Free Foundation
The Born Free Foundation is a dynamic and high-profile international wildlife charity, working worldwide to save lives, stop suffering, protect wild animals and keep wildlife in the wild.

Care for the Wild
Care for the Wild International protects wildlife from cruelty and exploitation world-wide and funds projects for rare and endangered species. Extensive rhino anti-poaching work is funded through an adoption program.

David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation
The David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation is a small charity with a big impact working to save critically endangered mammals in the wild. DSWF is flexible and non-bureaucratic, funding far reaching projects mainly in Africa and Asia.

Friends of Conservation
Friends of Conservation was founded in 1982, to help the decimated populations of rhino, elephant and cheetah in East Africa. Using experience gained in East Africa, FOC also participates in projects around the world where local communities share their natural habitat an deco-systems with endangered species.

Save the Rhino International
Save the Rhino International is a UK registered charity with a mission to ensure the survival of the rhinoceros species in the wild.

Sebakwe Black Rhino Trust
The Sebakwe Black Rhino Trust supports a 250,000 acre rhino conservancy in the Midlands area of Zimbabwe where 57 black rhino are free to roam and are protected against poachers.

Zambezi Society
The Zambezi Society aims to save Zambezi Basin Ecosystems and Wildernesses through good conservation practices based on sound technical information.

AAZK Bowling for Rhinos
A project of the American Association of Zoo Keepers, chapters nation-wide hold “Bowling for Rhinos” fundraisers. Since 1991, AAZK’s Bowling for Rhinos has raised over US $1,000,000 for rhino conservation world-wide.

UK Rhino Group
The UKRG is an informal forum for the discussion of rhino conservation issues, which also undertakes some fundraising, publicity and lobbying activities. Their main concern is to disseminate information within the conservation community as widely and effectively as possible.

Save Foundation Australia
The SAVE FOUNDATION is a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) committed to savingAfrica 's endangered species from extinction.  Founded in 1987, the organisation has a broad range of activities, with a particular focus on the African Black Rhinoceros and Zimbabwe.

Wildtrack's mission is to develop and apply non-invasive and objective censusing and monitoring techniques as a fundamental resource for wildlife conservation. Their footprint identification technique and others can provide accurate and objective data to monitor endangered species. SOS Rhino is working with Wildtrack and our Science Director, Dr. Petra Kretzchmar, is listed as one of their research collaborators.

Zoos and Institutions in the United States
Wildlife Conservation Society
Audubon Park & Zoological Garden
Baltimore Zoo
Brookfield Zoological Gardens, Chicago
Caldwell Zoo, Texas
Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden
Columbus Zoo
Dallas Zoo
Denver Zoological Gardens
Detroit Zoological Park
Fossil Rim Wildlife Ranch
Ft. Worth Zoo
Henry Vilas Zoo, Madison, Wisconsin
Houston Zoological Gardens
International Wildlife Conservation Park, Bronx, New York
Lincoln Park Zoological Gardens, Chicago
Memphis Zoo
Milwaukee County Zoo
National Zoological Park, Washington, DC
Oklahoma City Zoological Park
Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo
Oregon Zoo, Portland
Philadelphia Zoological Garden
Pittsburgh Zoo
Riverbanks Zoo and Botanical Garden
an Antonio Zoo, Texas
San Diego Zoo and Wild Animal Park
San Francisco Zoological Gardens
St. Louis Zoo
Sedgwick County Zoo, Wichita, Kansas
The Wilds, Ohio
Zoo Atlanta


International Zoos and Institutions
Western Plains Zoo, Australia
Rotterdam Zoo, Amsterdam
Taman Safari Park, Indonesia
Chitwan National Park, Nepal
Howletts Zoo, Port Lympne, UK
National Zoo and Aquarium, Australia
Singapore Zoological Gardens, Singapore
Night Safari, Singapore
Jurong BirdPark, Singapore
Perth Zoo, Australia
Zoo Negara, Malaysia
Zoo Basel, Switzerland
Taipei Zoo, Taiwan
Auckland Zoo, Australia
London Zoo, UK
Melbourne Zoo, Australia
Sofia Zoo, Bulgaria
Dublin Zoo, Ireland

Governmental organizations
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Department

University of Illinois, Champaign/Urbana, Illinois
University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wisconsin
University of Malaysia Sabah

Related rhino web sites
Ecovolunteer Program: Ecovolunteers are a financial and working grant for wildlife projects in research, conservation and animal rescue. Ecovolunteers will work together with park rangers in various activities such as the daily monitoring of endangered species and a regular check of the fence enclosing the reserve.


Conservation/Environmental/Animal news sites
Animal News Center: Animal News Center is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation dedicated to promoting animal welfare. ANC publishes a web site that features current information about pets, wildlife and all other animals. seeks to raise interest in and appreciation of wildlands and wildlife, while examining the impact of emerging local and global trends in technology, economics, and finance on conservation and development

WildNet Africa: WildNet Africa links the millions of people in our global village who have a common interest in African wildlife. These people include those who have a responsibility to care for Africa's wildlife; those who live with and depend upon Africa's wildlife; those who want to know more about, experience, and enjoy Africa's wildlife; and those who want to do something to ensure the future of Africa's diminishing wildlife and wild areas.

World World Animal Net is the world's largest network of animal protection societies with over 2,000 affiliates in more than 100 countries working to improve the status and welfare of animals.

Environmental News Network

Wildlife Extra


Handspring, Inc.
Rhino Skin by Saunders
Hallmark Entertainment
Animal Planet
Carlotas Borneo
Sabah Wildlife Department

Borneo Links
Borneo Eco Tours
Tabin Wildlife Reserve
Sabah Tourism Promotion Corporation
Sepilok Nature Resort
Sabah Parks
Kinabalu Nature Resort
Sabah Hotel Association
WWF Malaysia
Sabah Times

Other Links
African Wildlife Photography
Asian Conservation Awareness Program
Balikapapan Orangutan Society
Borneo Books
Filmakers for Conservation
Zoo Outreach Organization
Singapore International Foundation
Sepilok Orangutan Appeal UK
Sweet Mother International
World Conservation Monitoring Center
Peace Institute
African Conservation Foundation
Animal Voice
Women In
World Village
Choice Accessories
Rhino Photographs at Foto Search
Uncrated Rhino

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