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  SOS Rhino : In the News : News From The Field : Monthly Field Report for January 2005
  SOS Rhino (Borneo) would like to convey our season greetings to all our friends. May the New Year 2005 brings good luck, happiness and prosperity. This is the year of the Rooster according to the Chinese Lunar calendar. Although wild animals are not featured in the calendar, I was inform by a friend Leonard Salazar, a popular journalist with Borneo Post here in Sabah, that to ward off evils in 2005, one must have a statue or photographs of a RHINO in ones' possession. He cautioned that people, may interpret the FENG SUI wrong and try to get a live rhino for their backyard. SOS Rhino needs to be extra vigilant against poachers this year as people may take advantage of the situation. I hope this will be a good year for the Sumatran rhino of Borneo.

January 2005 was wet as predicted for the eastern part of Sabah. The Segama river is swollen and according to Justin Lanjang, our field assistant from Tanjung Utik, a reasonable silt has been deposited around our base camp. Not surprising, we are now able to plant some vegetables including tapioca around the base camp. In fact some volunteers have the opportunity to sample our creepy vegetables called 'kangkong'.

No rhino surveys were conducted this month. However, the field team has focused on renovating the 'chalets' at Tanjung Utik. The work is progressing well. Instead of Nipah palms for the walls, bamboo is now in place. This has given the village-type huts a new look. A new squatting toilet has been constructed in Tanjung Utik base camp. This will help volunteers to ease themselves comfortably, we hope.

The team also constructed a boat called Trinity/Aquinas. Twenty four boys including two teachers from Trinity College in Perth, Australia spent rhino tracking as SOS Rhino volunteers last year. The group donated money for the building of this boat so named after their college.

Below: The newly renovated 'chalets' with bamboo walling and new Nipah palm roof.

The new boat named Trinity/Aquinas built by SOS Rhino staff with donation from the boys of Trinity College, Perth, Australia.

Above: "Great relief", the newly constructed toilet at Tanjung Utik base camp.

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