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  SOS Rhino : In the News : News From The Field : Soccer Tournament: April/May 2007
Soccer Tournament:
April/May 2007
  SOS Rhino Borneo organizes Soccer Tournament during Malaysia's Labor Day Celebrations as part of Community Outreach Program

SOS Rhino Borneo's (SOSRB) management team organized a soccer tournament at Kampong Parit during Malaysia's Labor Day celebrations. The tournament opened on April 30th with an all-women's game. Despite the torrential downpour, the ladies really "put the boot in"!

A total of 18 teams were formed, made up of villagers from Dagat and Parit, staff of oil palm plantations, and SOS Rhino Borneo's field staff. The 2-day celebration ended with closing remarks by Dr. Nan Schaffer, and distribution of trophies to the top three winning teams.

SOSRB's field team created exhibits for display during the tournament at Parit Village School where school children and palm oil plantation staff had access to information on the plight of the Sumatran rhino in Sabah, and SOS Rhino Borneo's efforts to save them.

By hosting and organizing such events, SOS Rhino Borneo continues to build stronger relationships with the stakeholders who live and work in areas surrounding Tabin Wildlife Reserve.

SOS Rhino Borneo Team on day one of Soccer Tournament

SOSRB Women's team preparing for their big game.

SOSRB staff preparing exhibit for display at Parit Village School.
Pictured from left to right: Angel, Admin Manager; and field team members, Ermin, Suhairin, Tinrus, Lynn and James

Min, SOSRB Community Outreach Coordinator, teaching Parit Village School children about conservation of the Sumatran rhino in Sabah.

SOSRB Field Team members describing their work to palm oil plantation staff.

Lynn, SOSRB Field Coordinator, in discussion with village chiefs and elders.


SOSRB Soccer Teams A&B. Team B are wearing white soccer shirts donated by Save the Rhino International, one of our partners in conservation.

SOSRB field staff member, France, pictured with his wife and son.

SOSRB Soccer Team “A” in action

SOSRB soccer tournament organizers pictured from left to right: Min, Fiffy, Lynn

(Left)Dagat’s Village Chief watching his team play during one of the many downpours that occurred throughout the two-day event. Four of his grandchildren are also pictured.
(Right) Min, organizing the trophy display.

SOS Rhino Borneo’s youngest fan!

Parit villagers

Parit Village

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