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  SOS Rhino : In the News : News From The Field : Monthly Field Report for June 2006
June 2006
  Submitted by: Lynn
Field Coordinators
SOS Rhino Borneo

June was the month of many activities and programs conducted. Emily, our volunteer from UK left on the 3rd after joining our program for more than a month. She conducted a few surveys with our RPUs in different areas.

Emily with our RPU rangers. They found rhino tracks on several different surveys.

After that, most of our routine monthly survey plans were postponed due to a collaborative program with IRCP (Indonesia Rhino Protection Unit). Mr. Arief and Miskun arrived on the 12th.

On the 16th, IRCP trainers Mr. Arief and Mr. Miskun, accompanied by Dr. Thaya, left to Lahad Datu. A short meeting was held at Tabin Base camp to introduce the field staff. After that, Our RPUs were groups into different member and each group will be trained by either Mr. Arief or Mr. Miskun.

On the following day, two RPUs were started their journey. One of the RPU arrived from their survey and came up with great news. They found a fresh dung, hair and footprints of rhino. The team heads by Milton were consisting Dexven, Rasman, Johny and Lusry.

During this training session, our RPUs were trained in several new methods. This was not only on the technical basis but also on the data collection and report writing. Team found a lot of other big mammals evidences such as elephant, sambar deer, wild boars and Tembadau. The following photos are from the first survey which ended on the 21 of June.

The second trip was started on the 26th till 29th .This survey revealed some illegal activity in the area. The second trip, followed by Lynn, Milton, Rosli, Wilfred, Zul (Sabah Wildlife Department) and Mr. Arief only found one elephant and a few birds .

Though the second training survey was held with great difficulty, it was conduct successfully. Evidence for the rhino(s) existence were found.

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