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  SOS Rhino : In the News : News From The Field : Monthly Field Report for July 2006
July 2006

Submitted by:
Dr. Thaya
Acting Program Officer

The first week of July would be the last week of collaboration training with IRCP Mr. Arief Rubianto and Mr. Miskun with our RPUs at Tabin HQ. Previously we have several surveys over the areas. During the survey, our RPUs were trained to used terrain and slopes instead of transect as the survey method but for patrolling purposes we would be using all methods we knew. We had our final activities for the training section at Southern Border. The photo left show the members of the final trip before departure…

During our journey the car was stuck in the mud and both drivers, Marikus and Milton had to show their real ability to handle four wheel drives in this terrain

During this survey, Mr. Arief divided the group into two . The groups headed in opposite directions.

SOS Rhino RPU with Mr. Arief (pictured on the right)

After we came back from the jungle, SOS Rhino team had a little celebration since both Mr. Arief and Mr. Miskun were leaving. The Team had a great time, and we hope in the future both of them will return.

Bottom: Amit and Remix preparing BBQ chicken wings and sausages. The far bottom shows our RPU, IRPU together with Mr. Arief and Mr. Miskun.

The student conference was conducted at University Malaysia Sabah (UMS). The finding of wild rhino photos and fresh juvenile footprints were release in several news papers. This credit will go to UMS rhino specialist group for the extraordinary work.

Mr. Arief sharing his experience while was in Tabin with Press reporters and UMS staffs and students

Mr. Arief with UMS Rhino specialist group including Dr.John Payne (WWF consultant), Dr. Idris (Deputy Director ITBC) and Dr.Thaya (Program Officer SOS Rhino Borneo)

A new management system has been implemented where RPU staff members will be assigned specific responsibilities by the Field coordinators.

Our new field coordinator started her Community Outreach Program (COP) with the help of our master student Fiffy.

They visited Dagat Village, a peaceful Malay-Tidung village, situated in an isolated area. The village is only accessible by boat. (Bottom).

Fresh prawns and fish for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Fiffy (bottom) enjoying her river prawn.

Fiffy, SOS Rhino-sponsored masters student in eco-tourism, conducted her presentation successfully at the Village Chief’s house. Most of the villagers attended the seminar and gave very interesting feedback. The following days were fully occupied by interviewing the villagers for Fiffy’s questionnaire.. We left for Kg. Parit (Kg. Tidung II) and met Mr. Zainuddin, the headmaster of primary school there and asked permission to use the classroom for the Seminar’s venue.

Photo shown: Rosli & Yury. Standin: Lusry & Dexven (left to right)

SOS Rhino team continued to survey and once again we managed to find signs of a baby rhino. Another successful monthly survey!

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