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  SOS Rhino Borneo : In the News : News From The Field : Sumatran Rhino In The Wild Captured On Video
Sumatran Rhino In The Wild Captured On Video
The following video clip of a Sumatran rhino was captured by SOS Rhino Borneo's protection and survey unit staff during a daytime routine patrol in 2006. This sighting and rare video footage documenting the Sumatran rhino in its natural habitat is indeed very exciting. SOS Rhino Borneo has been working with the Sabah Wildlife Department in patrolling and surveying for evidence of these animals for almost ten years now, and although tracks and signs of these rhinos have been documented, this is the first actual sighting of a wild Sumatran rhino in Borneo to be captured on film by hand-held video camera.

View video HERE (popup window) or right click HERE to download to your desktop!

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