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SOS RHINO participated in the UK Rhino Group's Rhino MayDay Symposium held in London on May 23, 2002. Cindy Salopek, Projects Associate, gave a presentation to the group on the plight of the Sumatran rhino and SOS Rhino's efforts to save this critically endangered species.

The UK Rhino Group is made up of about 30 UK-based conservation organizations, all working together to save rhinos from extinction. The Group's aims and objectives range from increased public awareness and education about the decline of rhino populations to supporting the enforcement of international legislation relating to trade in rhinos and their products.

Researchers, staff, and students from Zoological Society of London, Rhinowatch, SOS RHINO, Manchester Metropolitan University, Sebakwe Black Rhino Trust, and UNEP were among the speakers. The presentations focused on a wide-range of rhinoceros research and conservation projects of the black, white, and Sumatran rhino. Two discussion and comment sessions were held with panels consisting of three speakers and the Chair.

One of the action points resulting from the symposium is for the UK Rhino Group to make a collective statement and offer collective action to assist in the conservation of the Bornean sub-species of the Sumatran rhino. SOS Rhino's research and conservation projects focus on this species.

A list of speakers and their abstracts will soon be posted on the UK Rhino Group's web site at

For more information on SOS RHINO Borneo and efforts to save the critically endangered Sumatran rhino, click on


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