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SOS Rhino : In the News: Press Releases : March 4th, 2002

SOS Rhino Press Releases



Chicago, IL -- SOS RHINO received a donation of 25 RhinoSkin RhinoPak 3000 protective cases for handheld organizers from Saunders, manufacturer and marketer of the RhinoSkin brand of protective PDA cases. The SOS Rhino Borneo Team will use these rugged cases for the Sumatran Rhino Project in Tabin Wildlife Reserve, Sabah, Malaysian Borneo.

Annelisa Kilbourn, DVM, SOS Rhino's Field Scientist, said "We looked at several RhinoSkin case designs and decided that the nylon RhinoPak Case fit our Borneo Team's needs perfectly."

"We're very proud that our cases will be protecting SOS Rhino's technology as they help to protect the endangered Sumatran rhino," said Mary Repke, Vice President, Marketing Saunders.

SOS RHINO Borneo team members, consisting of researchers, scientists, and field assistants, are using the latest technology available to coordinate the survey of the Sumatran rhinos in Tabin Wildlife Reserve, Sabah, Borneo. The initial field research is focused on determining the demographics of the rhino located in an area believed to have the largest remaining population of the Bornean sub-species of the Sumatran rhino (Dicerorhinus sumtraensis harrisoni).

The RhinoSkin RhinoPak 3000 Cases will be used to hold and protect Handspring Visor PDAs (provided by Handspring Foundation), equipped with Magellan's GPS companions along with other equipment. The Borneo Team will use Cybertracker software (provided by Cybertracker), linked with the GPS to collect data on their PDAs on the critically endangered Sumatran rhino and its habitat in Borneo.

The RhinoSkin RhinoPak Cases are designed specifically to hold and protect handheld computer devices and accessories. They are also equipped with a convenient carry handle and belt loop attachment.

For more information on SOS Rhino Borneo and the team's use of the latest technology, visit

About Saunders
Saunders, a privately held company based in Readfield, Maine, manufactures and markets the RhinoSkin™ brand of device specific PDA cases. Saunders, is a leading manufacturer of top business products including clipboards, aluminum forms holders and other school and office products. Visit