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SOS Rhino : In the News: Press Releases : July 7th, 2003

SOS Rhino Press Releases


Miracle rhino, Rudy, fathers second calf

7 July 2003

Rudy, a black rhinoceros born at Wichita’s Sedgwick County Zoo in 1993, and currently residing at Kansas City Zoo, fathered his second calf. Kansas City Zoo officials recently announced the pregnancy of Luyisa, a wild-born eastern black rhinoceros, due to give birth in February.
Rudy, short for the Swahili name Ruwdesia, was himself a miracle birth. His mother, Bibi, an older female rhino, had given birth to healthy offspring twice in her earlier years, but by the age of 31, she had spontaneously aborted her last three pregnancies.

In the early 1990’s Dr. Nan Schaffer, President and Founder of SOS Rhino, was invited to Sedgwick County Zoo to assess Bibi’s reproductive status. Now it was Dr. Schaffer’s challenge to help Bibi carry to full term and deliver a healthy calf.

Over the next year, the zoo’s vet, Dr. Bill Bryant, carefully observed and responded to Bibi’s health needs, including bad teeth, an abscessed toe, occasional vaginal infection, and ulcerated skin sores. All of her symptoms were treated as necessary, and in addition, the doctors started supplementing her diet with oral progesterone. Through this intensive management, she finally maintained her pregnancy.

On August 16, 1993, Bibi delivered a male calf in excellent health. Dr. Schaffer takes pride in her part of the work. “I have helped to bring Rudy into the world, now he soon will be a father for the second time”.

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