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SOS Rhino : In the News: Press Releases : December 10, 2001

SOS Rhino Press Releases


SOS Rhino launches new web site: Everything Rhino

Chicago, IL -- SOS RHINO launched their new and improved web site today to commemorate their successful programs in the United States and Borneo, Malaysia. The web site contains “all things rhino”, from answers to the most frequently asked questions, to ongoing research and survey projects, to rhinos making the news.

SOS RHINO is a non-profit foundation dedicated to securing the survival of all rhinos and their habitats, with emphasis on the seriously threatened Malaysian Sumatran rhino. They provide funds and technical assistance for in-situ (in the wild) and ex-situ (in captivity) research, education, and public awareness programs and events. To date over $500,000 has been committed to the foundation’s programs.

Interesting features on the site include a research bibliography for all rhino related works, a Rhinoknowledge section, a photo gallery, and an on-line journal to keep track of the field survey team’s progress in Borneo.

Visit and learn how the SOS Rhino Borneo Team is using the latest technology deep in the jungle of Tabin Wildlife Reserve, Malaysian Borneo to track the elusive Sumatran rhino.

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