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SOS Rhino : In the News: Press Releases : September 5, 2000

SOS Rhino Press Releases


September 5, 2000

I would like to announce that the Singapore Zoological Gardens, Discovery Channel Animal Planet and SOS Rhino will be conducting a fund raising event involving Singapore motorcyclists to raise money for the in situ conservation of the highly threatened Sumatran rhinoceros. Anyone interested please email me. I will be showing a short video clip on the in situ conservation projects that we will be involved in.

The Sumatran rhino occurs in Peninsular Malaysia, Sabah and Sumatra. It is so highly threatened that the animal is scheduled for extinction in our life time i.e. by 2010-2020. Shell has agreed to match funds that are raised by the bikers.

Currently there is a parade at the front of the Singapore Zoological Gardens car park and each biker donates S$10 which will be matched by Shell Singapore. The money will be directly used to support what is termed Rhino Protection Units (RPU). RPUs consists of rangers who go on foot into reserves and ensure that the animals are not poached and to also carry out population surveys.

The bikers parade at the Singapore Zoological Gardens will also get the attention of the media and hence bring the attention of the public to the plight of this rare and endangered rhino.

Therefore I would like to appeal to all motorcyclist who feel that they need to do something for the environment to help with the laudable project.